I'm working on this site at the moment, so I apologize that there might be pages missing etc. but in the end the site will show much more of my art, illustrations, commissions, exhibitions. Spare with me. Thank you.

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A world of little stitches, fabrics & whimsical charachters

Black birds



"..all safe by the fire there was nothing
like disappearing into a book
Illustration from September 2020. Available as a print in my

Det Gyldne Blad shop.

I work within the fine lines there may be between fine art, illustration and crafting. Sometimes the lines are well separated and defined, sometimes my work crosses all the time, sometimes I think a lot about the differences while at other times there are no differences. It all enable me to explore a wide field of expressions and worlds. I can not be without.

From the exhibition: 'Imellem strå - er der en vej'
(Between Straw - There Is A Path)
Kapau Shop, Copenhagen 2020

Collage paintings-drawings on paper

Editorial work

Det Gyldne Blad 

featured in magazines

Limited Edition Art Print 'Blue Plant'


One-of-a-kind handstiched brooches &



Bits& Pieces of clay

Natur Scenery of mixed media

Nature Scenery - paintings on paper

Childrens Book Illustration
Dreng med briller og hue

Whimsical Kid


Children book


Site Specefic Installation

Site Specific Installation - Sculpture


Detail Lover



Dame_med_hund_40 margenta farve justeret
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People In Pictures

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