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Stephanie Donsø

Is a Danish freelance artist, illustrator and maker living

in Denmark

I believe in the personal and the strength of authenticity when seeking to create and express within art. To be true to this I work and explore in a variety of mediums and expressional directions which cover artwork in both my own name and as Det Gyldne Blad. It's a bit like a musician who composes music with different bands. - I guess I just like to play in different bands!

My artwork usually circle around visual storytelling in some manner and often looks as if it could be taken right out of a book not yet written. Or a bit as a fable in which I use my source of inspiration in children's literature, folk art and living as well as the seasons of the year.
My daily work routines are usually concerned with Det Gyldne Blad which include illustration tasks, my webshop, craft markets and cooperation with selected craft and lifestyle shops and of course developing and making new work. It's a more commercial approach to my art making which I very much enjoy as it enable me to use more sides of my creativity and imagination. Within the last couple of years I have started to work again towards art in relation to gallery exhibitions etc.and I find that my work of Det Gyldne Blad and the one made in my own name bounces back and forth towards each other and exploring where it will take me.  

 Through the years I have exhibited within Denmark and abroad in countries like England, Holland, France and Germany, at galleries and exhibition houses and juried exhibitions. I have curated several group exhibitions where some has been in cooperation with other artists or art historians. 

Beside my art practice I also held a degree in Psychomotricien Therapy. Together with my art it connects my interest in the human emotional life, our relations and possibilities for development and how body and mind reflect each other.

For weekly updates visit my Det Gyldne Blad profile on instagram@det_gyldne_blad

..So what does Det Gyldne Blad mean? It means more or less 'The or That Golden Leaf'. Nevertheless the Danish saying refer more directly to the orange-golden color of an autumn leaf.

It's beauty, decay and melancholy in one.

For any type of inquiries feel, suggestions, cooperation etc.
feel free to contact me

Stephanie Donsø
Soldraget 21
3460 Birkerød

Member of:
Danish Visuel Artists/Billedkunstnernes Forbund (BKF)
Danish Authors Society & Illustrators/ Dansk Forfatterforening & Illustratorerne
DAP - Danske Psykomotoriske Terapeuter

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Clients (Det Gyldne Blad) 

Folkekirkens Skoletjeneste/Skoleskibet

Biblioteket Frederiksberg

Turbine Forlag/Book Publisher company
Straarup & Co/Book Publisher company

Yolly - Life style Magazine ( Childrens E book app/now Podimo)
DOF-Fritidsskole, Birkerød


Stockists/retailers for Det Gyldne Blad: 
Tinga Tango, Kongegade 27, 5800 Nyborg, DK

Pigekammeret Langeland, Østergade 68, 5900 Rudkøbing
Søstærk, Vestergade 48, 5970 Ærøskøbing

No.186, Frederikssundsvej 186, 2700 Brønshøj
Damhuset, Lyngby Hovedgade 1, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, DK
Potteriet, Kollerødvej 27, 3450 Allerød, DK
Kapau, Gothersgade 105, 1123 Copenhagen, DK 
NO.16, Jernbanegade 16, 3480 Fredensborg, DK
Birkerød Kaffe & The Handel, Gågaden 31, 3460 Birkerød
Liljen & Fuglen, Århusgade 151, 2150 København, DK

Happenings and cv

News & Evens


Exhibition now:

Summer exhibition, group show.
Galleri Heike Arndt, Kettinge,  Lolland. DK of June - September, 2022.


Upcoming markets (Det Gyldne Blad, 2022)

Potteriet Høstmarked 3. & of September.
Fredensborg Slotsmarked of September.
Christmas market(s)

To be published this year:
'Den store Eventyrbog' by Illustratorerne.
My contribution for this massive book is my illustrative work for story 'Årets historie' (The Story Of The Year.)

Bent er spændt, Straarup & Co.
Front cover for catalogue and posters for Folkekirkens Skoletjeneste/Skoleskibet.

Mi og Pi i en sø, Turbine Forlaget.



1999-2002 BAHons with honours of Fine Art.

Colchester School Of Art & Design, UK.

2007-2013 Psychomotricien Therapist, UCC Hillerød (inclusive having my two kids)


Started the art-brand Det Gyldne Blad

Past Art and Design markets (Det Gyldne Blad):
2021 Esrum Kloster/Abbey Christmas market.
2021 Harvest/craft market, Potteriet Anno 2001.
2020 Harvest/craft market, Potteriet Anno 2001, Allerød.

2019: Christmas Market, Potteriet Anno 2001, Allerød.
2019, 2018, 2016, 2015: Fredensborg Slotsmarked.
2019  Kunsthåndværkermarkedet Prismen. April.

2018 Christmas market, Mantziusgården, Birkerød.

2017 Vesterbro Raw Christmas Art market.

Art work of Det Gyldne Blad featured in magazines:
2020 Strandvejs Magasinet, Christmas 2020. Clay face.
2019 BoligLiv magazine, issue 12. Christmas cards
2019 Vores Børn, july issue. My kids print 'Dancing Kids'.


Imellem strå - er der en vej (Between Straw - There Is A Path). Kapau Designershop, CPH, DK


Valmue (Poppy). Vaeg Gallery. Aalborg. DK


REDElighed (Nest Mess). Modtar Projects. CPH, DK

I træerne sidder der fugle (Birds Are Sitting In The Trees). Gallerirummet/Hvidovre Head Library, DK


Stille stille eller storm. (Quiet Quiet Or Storm). The Cobra Room by Sophienholm Artmuseum. Lyngby. DK


Mennesker Imellem (People In Between). Astel Gallery. CPH, DK


Kredsløb (Circulation). Gallery Villa Bournonville. Fredensborg. DK



SCOUT II, group show. Galleri Heike Arndt DK, Kettinge.

Biennal Of The Northern Festival of Illustration. Exhibition of the shortlisted artists/illustrators of the Northern Illustration Award. St. Hildas, Hartlepool. UK.
SCOUT I, group show. Galleri Heike Arndt DK, Kettinge.

Fresh Legs, group show. Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin.

Imago Mundo group show at The Venice Biennale. Curated by Sophus Gether. Founded by Lucido Benetton. IT


What A Wonderful World. Nees Udstilling. Vemb, DK Censorer: Tomas Lagermand, Jette Ellgard, Jens Ardal, Morten Kroman.


Kast et blik (Throw A View).at Kunstpakhuset Ikast. DK

Sublimate Sublime Subliminal. The Underdog Gallery. London. UK

Sublimate Sublime Subliminal. The Lloyds Club. London. UK

Vaeg Gallery, groupshow. Aalborg, DK


FreeStyle. Gallery North. CPH, DK

Global Village III. Brønden Culture house, Brøndby, DK. By Stitching White Cube.

Global Village II. Château de Sully, Burgundy, France. By Stitching White Cube.

Global Village I. Projekt072 Alkmaar, The Netherlands. By Stitching White Cube.

Huset i skoven (The House In The Forest). The Exhibition house Skovhuset ved Søndersø. Værløse. DK


Projekt072 – Is Watching You. Projekt072, Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Curator: Jeroen Van Paasen.

For Livet (For Life). Awareness exhibition for World Aids Day, Medicines Sans Frontiers. Rigshospitalet. DK. Kurator: Julie Nielsen Damgaard.

DyreDamer (Animal Ladies) The Art Center Silkeborg Bad. Silkeborg, DK


OUTSIDE. Cukoo Farm Studios. In coop. with Tim Skinner. Colchester, UK


Drawings and graphic work. Gallery Rebecca Kormind. CPH, DK

TRÆ(F)PUNKT (Meeting Point) Gallery Rebecca Kormind. CPH, DK

Play Along. Gallery Rumkammerat. CPH, DK


Over bakke og dal… (Over Hill And Valley…) Møstings House. CPH, DK


Med blade der skygger for lyset.. (With Leafs Shading For The Light..) Together with Lykke Andersen Peter Lav Photo Gallery. CPH, DK

The Human Nature Gallery Martin Asbæk Projects. CPH, DK


Passionsdage (Passion Days). Oeksnehallen exhibition hall. CPH, DK

The hanging committee exhibition. Hvidovre Head Library. CPH, DK


Astel Gallery September Group Exhibition. CPH, DK


The Spring exhibition. Charlottenborg Contemporary Art Exhibition Hall. CPH, DK

New Talents II, Provence Gallery. Aalborg, DK


The Degree Show, Colchester School Of  Art. Colchester, UK

Nature-Nurture. Hay Gallery, Together with Richard W. Cox. Colchester, UK

Re-flex-ion, Brixton Art Gallery. London, UK


Fourteen, Digby Gallery. Colchester, UK


Bilingues, Outdoor exhibition together with author Anne-Louise Bosmans. Fredensborg, DK


Art Weekend. Fredensborg Library, DK

Autumn Exhibition, Humlebæk Art union, Humlebæk Library. Humlebaek, DK


Curator of the group exhibitions


Kast et blik (Throw A View) in coop. with artist Mie Mørkeberg. Kunstpakhuset in Ikast. DK


Huset i Skoven (The House In The Forest). In coop. with artist Lykke Andersen. Skovhuset ved Søndersø. Værløse, DK


DyreDamer (Animal Ladies) in coop. with Birgitte Agersnap. Kunstcentret/The Art Center Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg, DK


TRÆ-F PUNKT, Gallery Rebecca Kormind. CPH, DK 


Over bakke og dal.. (Over Hill And Valley…) in coop. with artist Lykke Andersen. Møstings House. CPH, DK


The Human Nature, Martin Asbæk Projects. CPH, DK



2001 Shortlisted to The Northern Illustration Prize held by The Northern School Of Art & The Association of Illustrators (The AOI)


Grants and awards             

2021 Working scholarship from Autorkontoen. 

2021 Shortlisted for the Northern Illustration Award, Hartlepool, UK.
2019 Working scholarship from Autorkontoen.
2012 The Danish Arts Council’s Committee for the exhibition "Huset i skoven/The House In The Forrest".
2012 The Augustinus Fond for the exhibition ”Huset i skoven”/”The House In The Forest”. Skovhuset ved Søndersø, Værløse, DK



Catalogue: SkovhusNyt  #01/12. Text by the exhibiting artists and Artistisk leader leder Dorthe Abildgaard. The exhibition “Huset I Skoven”/ “The house in the forest”. Skovhuset ved Søndersø, Værløse. DK

Catalogue for the exhibition”DyreDamer”/”Animal Ladies”. Text by the museum museums director Iben From, Mag. art. Birgitte Agersnap og and historian Anne Katrine Gjerløff.

Catalogue for Global Village 2012. Text by curator Jeroen van Paasen.

Birgitte Agersnap. Interview for (Nyhedsbrev #483, uge 39. 2009.)

Helle Frøkjær. Interview for (Newsletter) Nyhedsbrev#440, uge 45. 2008.

Helle Frøkjær. Catalogue text for the exhibition: "Med blade der skygger for lyset". Peter Lav Photo Gallery. 2007. CPH. DK.

Gitte Broeng. Text written for group show: "The Human Nature". Gallery Martin Asbæk Projects. 2007. CPH.DK.

Birgitte Agersnap. Interview for (Newsletter). Week 19. 2007



Interview. www. 28. October 2013. Kast et blik/Throw a view.
Vestegnen Lokal Avis/Vestegnens Lokal Newspaper. Uge/week 33, 2012.

Mayer Ole Bondos blog, about the exhibition Huset i Skoven/The house in the forest..

Interview. Nyhedsbrev #604. Week 10, 2012.

Kunsten indfanger publikum. Frederiksborg Amts Avis. 24.01.12

Udstillingsreportage. (Nyhedsbrev #595, 03.01 2012.)

Dyriske damer er taget i skoven. Anmeldelse. Politiken 29.07.11. Trine Ross.
Kristelig Dagblad. 20-27.05.11.
DyreDamer på dansk og svensk. Ekstraposten. 18.05.11.
Damer med dyr. Anmeldelse. Midtjyllands Avis. 05.07.11. Stig Winding.