A serie of visual storytelling illustrations set in a mysterious landscape scenery.

In which Stephanie explore her interest in folktales, children's picture books and comics in what appear like fragments of what could be a longer story. The characters are familiar to us, whether they are from a well known fairy tale or rather elements the viewer may recognize in them selves or life.

The first tree illustrations (from top) where exhibited at Galleri Heike Arndt in Berlin as a part of the Group show Fresh Legs in 2021. Later the illustrations travelled to Denmark to join the group show SCOUT at Galleri Heike Arndts Danish gallery in Kettinge, Denmark.
Here the next three illustrations joined SCOUT as well as when the show reopened (SCOUT II) in the Spring of 2022.

The last three illustration will continue to be on display as they will be a part of  Galleri Heike Arndt Summer group show.
From 11.th of June - end of September 2022.
Kettinge, Denmark.

All six illustrations are mixed media on paper.
Measure: About 31 x 19 cm. 2021.

'The House'

2_We are here now_Stephanie Donsø_ artwork.jpg
3_The Cup_Stephanie Donsø_artwork.jpg

'The Cup'

4_Not Sure-Stephanie Donsø_artwork.jpg

'Not Sure'

5_The Walk_Stephanie_Donsø_artwork.jpg

'The Walk'

'Crooked Old Piano'

1_The House_Stephanie Donsø_artwork.jpg

'We are here now'.

6_Crocked Old Piano_Stephanie Donsø_artwork.jpg