'Imellem Strå - er der en vej'
(Between Straw - There Is A Path)

August - September 2020.
Kapau Shop, Copenhagen

For the first time in several years I decided to do an exhibition at the end of Summer 2020. It was a small solo show in the art craft shop Kapau in the center of Copenhagen. 
For the exhibition I wanted to work with an airy or light atmosphere as the overall visual appear of my work, yet having it connect with one another as I like to work, in series and as small stories or tellings.

(To see the work presented in frames and surroundings go to the bottom of this page)

If you are interested in my work from this exhibition please feel free to email me.

Optog 1.jpg

'Optog' (Parade), watercolor, colorpencil, ink and gouache on paper. 40x30 cm, 2020.
Sold to a private collector

The Bear Necessities.jpg

'The Bear Necessities'. Ink, gouache, watercolor and colorpencil on paper. A4 size, 2020.

Imellem Strå.jpg

'Imellem strå' (Between Straw), gouache, ink, acrylics, watercolor and colorpencil on paper, 50x70 cm, 2020.

Halfway with the buket.jpg

'Halvvejs med buketten' (Halfway With The Bouquet), ink, acrylics, watercolor, colorpencil on paper, 50x70 cm, 2020.


'En buket på armen' (A Bouquet On the Arm) A4 size, acrylics, watercolor, colorpencil and pen on paper, 2020.

Ikke rodet men fint.jpg

'Jeg havde tænkt mig at dette skulle blive kaotisk, og rodet, men det blev fint og enkelt'
(I Thought That This Was Going To Be Caotic And Messy, But It Became Pure And Simple).
A4 size, acrylics, watercolor and pen on paper, 2020.

Blue Plant i wooden frame.jpg

'Blå Plante' (Blue Plant), Limited Edition Giclee Print, A3 size. 2020. Numbered and signed.

Available in my Det Gyldne Blad webshop.

Gert 2.jpg

' His name was Gert, he wanted to be a comedian'.
Fabric Face, handstitched, wool, paint, cotton, About 9 cm high.
Sold to a private collector.

To get the feeling of sizes and looks when the artwork is framed:

Tegning i hånd 2.jpg
I ramme 1.jpg
I ramme 3.jpg
I ramme 10.jpg