One of a kind 

Handsewn decor dolls & brooches 2017-2020

I have always liked dolls and the univers of tiny small things. I have always loved sewing. My dolls are a kind of extension of my illustrations and a part of  Det Gyldne Blad and it's concept of whimsical cuteness and childhood.

All dolls and brooches are handsewn with the use of organic, naturel materials like wool and cotton linen as well as reused vintage fabrics. Some of the dolls can be bought through my Etsy shop and some when I'm at designer Markets.

There are only one of each. I just like unique items.

Brooch and autumn
Pumpkin Carrie
Brooch with black hair
Brooch in progress
Brooch between fingers
2017-10-22 09.35.10
2018-07-20 09.43.45
2018-05-11 13.03.05
2018-05-19 14.14.20
2018-05-03 21.40.07
2017-12-02 08.46.55
2018-07-25 07.51.50
2018-07-20 09.44.48
2017-10-21 11.27.27
Big Glasses Judy
Broche på træbaggrund.jpg
Sissebroche på trøje.jpg

A brooch - a little gift.

Vera ooak doll.jpg

Vera - ooakdoll #7, made in the spring of 2019


Lilly  - ooakdol #8. Autumn 2019


Kimberly -ooakdoll #9 . Vinter 2019


Fiona -Ooakdoll #10. Vinter 20200.