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Pigekammeret Langeland, Østergade 68, 5900 Rudkøbing

No.186, Frederikssundsvej 186, 2700 Brønshøj

Damhuset, Lyngby Hovedgade 1, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, DK
Kunsthåndværk, Brostræde 1B, 3000 Helsingør, DK
Little Fashion, Jernbanegade 26, 3480 Fredensborg, DK
Potteriet, Kollerødvej 27, 3450 Allerød, DK
Kapau, Gothersgade 105, 1123 Copenhagen, DK 

NO.16, Jernbanegade 16, 3480 Fredensborg, DK
Birkerød Kaffe & The Handel, Gågaden 31, 3460 Birkerød

Art gifts

Limited Edition prints makes a great gift. Several firms and Companys use this as employee and customer care.

I cooperate with one of Denmarks greatest Art Printing Companys and I am able to offer beautiful high quality Art prints as gifts.

I gladly take inspiration in your kind of business and vision as a part of the picture that I'll produce to be made into a print in a limited amount.

Limited Edition Prints are only made in the amount that we agree, and every print is signed and numbered. Plus - I only use high quality acid-free paper for my prints.

I line with your wishes I can set up and offer for you.


(Below an example of a Limited Edition Art Print in A3 size made in the amount of only 43 prints.
The prints were ordered by a Danish company who wanted to use them as gifts for emplyees and costomers).