Collage drawings


Several of my drawings are a mix of drawing, painting, mixed and collaged paper pieces.

It is a more puzzled way of working with pictures.

'Table', collage

Studio work. Watercolor, ink, gouache and collage on paper. 76x56 cm.


Table collage closerup

From the group exhibition 'Kast et blik' (Throw a look)

Kunstpakhuset Ikast. 2013

2013 udstillings view  2.jpg
2013 udstillings view 1.jpg

Galleri view of collage-drawings installed at Kunstpakhuset Ikast.

ink and collage drawing

'When she saw what she was turning into, she threw a stick'. 
Collage, watercolor, ink and gouache on paper, 76x56 cm, 2013.
Sold to the art union of Kunstpakhuset.

All on a table

'The Table' I, 76x56 cm, 2013. Collage, qouach, watercolor and ink on paper. Sold to a private collector.

all on a table, papercut

'The Table' II, 76x56 cm, 2013. Collage, watercolor, ink and gouache on paper.

Smokers wall collage

Studio work: 'Smokers Wall'. Close-up

Smokers wall
people collage